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Party in Curaçao Fuikdag


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The biggest 'unorganized' boat party of the Caribbean is held every year on the first Sunday of the year. On this day people flock to Curacao's Fuik Bay on anything that floats, from luxury yachts to rafts and from party boats to sea doo's; they're all here. The DJ's and artists of the parties and festivals surrounding Fuik Dag usually come as well so you might just be invited to an impromptu party with some of the world's best music artists.

Dia de Fuik

Español: La mayor fiesta ‘No organizada’ en barco del Caribe se celebra cada año el primer domingo del año. En este día las personas acuden a la bahía Fuik de Curazao en cualquier cosa que flote, desde yates de lujo balsas, barcos de fiesta y motos acuáticas; están todos aquí. Los DJ y artistas de las fiestas y festivales que rodean Fuik Dag (Día de Fuik) suelen venir, así que podrás ser invitado a una fiesta improvisada con algunos de los mejores artistas de la música del mundo.

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The traditional 'Fuik Dag' is a full day of music, boats, party people and inflatable dinosaurs on the water.
Fuik Day is Curaçao’s yearly recurring boat party in Fuik Bay on the first Sunday of the year with boats, booze and DJ’s.

Our fishermen introduced the very first ‘Fuikdag’ as a spontaneous, unregulated ‘gathering at sea’ to wish each other a happy, prosperous New Year the very first Sunday of every year.

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