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Our Beautiful Wildlife Treasure

Our beautiful fauna

Every place on earth has its own natural treasures.

Of course the beautiful island of curaçao, has them too. This place is not just a part of the Caribbean, it is a magical place full of colors and life that is reflected in any direction that you look at, It is a real pleasure for us to share with you readers some of the wonderful species among other wildlife of this unique island call Curaçao, enjoy it!


Whether you are comfortable sitting on the beach or walking through the colorful harbor, you will surely get in touch with the beautiful birds of Curacao. Over 168 species have been recorded in Curacao. At least 51 of them are birds that breed on the island, 71 migrate from North America, 19 are visitors from South America, and 19 are seabirds. The most common is Trupial native birds, a black bird with an orange belly and white on the wings and the Cuchubi, the Caribbean mímido.
Trupial And Chuchubi Curaçao


In the area of Tera kora 5 minutes from Daaibooi beach, you'll find the flamingo's Sanctuary, these birds will captivate you. Flamingos are very elegant, nonchalant birds, and the pink colour is just very exotic, so whenever you passed by that area, you will have the opportunity to stop your car and simply watch these beautiful birds in their natural habitat, a unique experience that you can't miss when visiting Curaçao.
Flamingos Curaçao


Wherever you are in Curaçao, you will see the famous Iguanas, knows as yuana in local language, there is not doubt they are the king of reptiles, you will find them of all sizes brown or very green. Although its impressive dragon-like dorsal crest gives iggy a ferocious look, the animal is, in fact, quite shy, and we will assure you will be so captivate by them, that you wont stop till you get the perfect picture of this amazing reptile.
Iguana Of Curaçao

White-tail Deer

Curacao offers several options to spend your time during your vacations, if you are the adventurous type you can visit the Christoffel National Park, in which if you're lucky you'll see the hidden treasure! The White-tailed Deer, only the most intrepid people will manage to get a close up picture of this beautiful deer. Now it's your turn, come and try your luck!
White-Tail Deer Curaçao

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