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The World Cup in Curacao

We have such a huge culture diversity in the island that and all have joined to one of the biggest celebrations in the world, Russia World Cup 2018.
The World Cup is the most prestigious association football tournament in the world, as well as the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world, exceeding even the Olympic Games, that’s why it is so important even in Curacao.

If you want to enjoy this event, you can find many places out there to watch the game live while eating or just getting a drink with friends, we highly recommend Fame Curacao for you to have a pleasant time during the World Cup and getting 2x1 on drinks and snacks.
It’s just incredible how a simple sport can unite so many cultures, languages and people with a same purpose, isn’t it?

Is Curacao will be promoting the world cup too in the island! Here is a list with the games on a flexible schedule to watch at any streaming location:


  • Croatia vs Nigeria Sat, 6/15 3:00pm
  • Brazil vs Switzerland Sun 6,17 2:00pm
  • Tunisia vs England Mon, 6/18 2:00pm
  • Russia vs Egypt Tue, 6/19 2:00pm
  • Argentina vs Croatia Thu, 6/21 2:00pm
  • Serbia vs Switzerland Fri, 6/22 2:00pm
  • Germany vs Sweden Sat, 6/23 2:00pm
  • Poland vs Colombia Sun, 6/24 2:00pm
  • Iran vs Portugal Mon, 6/25 2:00pm
  • Spain vs Morocco Mon, 6/25 2:00pm
  • Nigeria vs Argentina Tues, 6/26 2:00pm
  • Iceland vs Croatia Tues, 6/26 2:00pm
  • Switzerland vs Costa Rica Wed, 6/27 2:00pm
  • Serbia vs Brazil Wed, 6/27 2:00pm
  • England vs Belgium Thu, 6/28 2:00pm

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